Plasma Lights


The Induction high bays are great energy savers. However, the only limitation is that when you get to heights of 12-15m and above, and when the lights are spaced out 10-12m, then there is a trade off between the number of lights to be used versus the savings. For this type of application, there are plasma lights.

Like induction lights, plasma lights do not have any electrodes. The lamps and ballasts last up to 60 000 hours. The generator (magnetron) has to be changed every 20 000 hours. The light source has a wavelength distribution similar to that of sunlight and has an excellent lumen maintenance curve. Further, these light source use zero mercury, lead and florescent material. Start up time is 30 seconds and hot re-strike is about 3 minutes.



Plasma Light

  • The plasma high bay comes in 2 colours – metal gray or silver.
  • The fixture beam width comes with one of 3 factory settings – 500, 900 or 1200